Parenthood is…

Anecdotes from the chaotic world that orbits a modern and extremely busy mum of four.

Why this blog?

There are hundreds of thousands of millions of ‘how-to’ parenting websites and ‘look at our wonderful lives and fabulous parenting’ blogs already out there, I know (many are saved to my favourites as I aspire, in vain, to one day become a competent parent!). This is not one of those sites! In fact, if anything, this is more of a ‘how NOT to do it’ blog!!

You see, I have the perfect personality for being a mother of four (where you need to be organised, disciplined, calm in a crisis, pragmatic, etc. etc.) – or rather, not! I have ridiculously high expectations which I have coupled (rather cunningly, I think) with a complete inability to successfully pull anything off! This means that I am forever running around like a headless chicken, I am usually exasperated by everything and I never, ever get to finish….

(!! – oh yes, I forgot to say, I also think I’m soooo funny!!)

No, my life as a parent is not one of ‘organised simplicity’ nor one of self-sufficiency or all-round wholesomeness – it is chaotic, busy, sometimes overwhelming and often a little surreal. But it is also real and often funny (though sometimes only in hindsight!) – and going by too quickly! Most days I feel like I blinked and missed – or forgot – something important (most days I probably did!!). So I thought I’d finally drag myself into the 21st Century and start a blog where I can record some glimpses of my daily life as a rather manic mother. Hopefully this will help me miss a little bit less, will give a few moments of solidarity to other parents – and will maybe entertain you all a little at the same time?


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