Parenthood is…

Anecdotes from the chaotic world that orbits a modern and extremely busy mum of four.

Music, sweet music (*sha la la*)

on 03/11/2013

I am by no means a music aficionado – I am definitely very ‘mainstream’ in my musical tastes – but, whilst not having ‘cool’ (how 80’s am I?!) tastes nor having any particularly great musical knowledge, I do love music. But since having children, my brain seems to have ditched my traditional, disco-flavoured repertoire for shower-time self-serenading in favour of a complete back-catalogue of children’s tv themes! I can safely say that I know more CBeebies & Milkshake themes than I do groups / singers in the Top 40 (does that even happen on a Sunday night any more?!)!!

So, by way of recourse, I have been making a concerted effort to introduce some of my old favourites to the children – never have I had a prouder moment than a couple of weeks ago when, on the way to school, Isla gently tugged my sleeve and said “Mummy, this is a cooool song” – Massive Attack no less – good girl!!

I was also delighted (if unable to stop myself laughing out loud) when, whilst shopping in Tesco last week, Isla suddenly burst into a full-on dance to Thriller!


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