Parenthood is…

Anecdotes from the chaotic world that orbits a modern and extremely busy mum of four.

Why spies should be mums….

on 31/10/2013

1. A mum knows the friends of her children, the friends & family of their friends and probably the friends & family of those friends & family. She knows the intricate relationships that play between the friends, friends & family of friends and friends & family of the friends & family of the friends. She knows the politics, family histories, long-kept family secrets and all other “important information a mum needs to know” about all of these people. And a mum can instantly recall any such information, accurately, for use in negotiations with her offspring.

2. No-one can walk as silently as a mum – stealth could be her middle name. (And that is why she will always catch her children in the act of drawing on the wall, being hideous to their younger brother or making a ‘potion’ out of her “I’m saving this for when I can have a long, hot bath in peace” favourite bubble bath…)

3. A mum’s hearing is almost a super-power – it’s so good she can hear her children’s (and husband’s!) thoughts, let alone the sulky backchat muttered under their breath.

4. A mum is a human lie-detector – she knows every single tell her children have and what they mean, she can read her children like others read a book. And she knows exactly how to get them to talk!

5. A mum is a woman of many guises – she can be a chef one moment, UN negotiator the next; a cleaner, a nurse, a seamstress, a taxi driver, an enthralling storyteller, a party organiser, a teacher, an artist… the list goes on as to the roles she can convincingly portray.

6. Above all, a mum is fiercely loyal and protective – woe betide those who choose to cross a mum or her cubs!!!!



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